Corporate Finance, Accounting & Tax

Organizations have legal, strategic and fiscal requirements to manage and report their financial standing. Even though these processes are non-business added value for business purposes that nonetheless can hurt the organization if management ignores them.

Decisions such as the determination of whether or not non-appropriated profit is to be retained for investment or operational requirements, or instead to be distributed to shareholders, are paramount to the management of any enterprise.

Short term financial management is often termed working capital management, and relates to cash, inventory and debtors management. However, while these areas often overlap with the firm's accounting function, we are more concerned with getting your financial requirements in shape to enable you to direct your energy toward the future of the firm.

ERP Systems

The CGR system implementation team can optimize all ERP, risk management, and accounting systems. Where beneficial, we work in conjunction with our operations consultants to make sure the installed systems works seamlessly with the actual flow of work in your company, and we make sure that the data stored is the data you need to for optimal decision making. We work with the following main software:



Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are very big decisions for any firm, whether it involves becoming part of another company, buying a company or part of one, or maybe divesting of a division. Both private and public sector clients need proper tailored advise in this area. M&As need both solid financial as well as strategic advisory to be successful. Valuation services and proper due diligence are needed for optimal decision making, as well as the determining the proper financial structure of the deal. Whether looking for a review of financial statements or a full audit, our assurance services can serve all your company's financial reporting verification needs. Our professionals are ready for your firm no matter what your industry focus.

Our experience in M&A activities span working with companies that have over 140 divisions in a $3.4 billion M&A deal in Ney York. This includes full involvement and work in due dilligence and appraisals. We have researched and written white paper on technical accounting pronouncements for management to make an informed decision. We have a wide range of performed business case studies, highlighting quantitative and qualitative factors making recommendations to senior management. We can provide you with direct international or national analysis and exposure providing you with the optimal process or setup for your ongoing or expansionary business. We have supported the NAFTA inter governmental and transfer pricing bodies in legislative reviews and implementations' of new laws, regulations and limiting M&A actions.


Sales & Income TaxCGR's VAT and sales tax recovery services can assist your company in retrieving cash it has paid out to value added taxes accross the globe. This is an untapped cash resource that many companies, especially those that originate from regions where these taxes don't apply locally, often either forget to recover or are unaware that they can recover and often don't have the expertise needed to efficiently recover these cash outlays.

Our corporate income tax services are tailored to fit the needs of GCC and MENA firms that both don't have to pay or bother with corporate income taxes in their home countries, but who have tax liabilities due to operations in foreign locals. Our tax professionals are able to assist in both corporate tax planning and income tax filings. Our planners will make sure your firm's activities are organized to maximize after tax profits before a tax liability is created, and our filing preparers will make sure to minimize any amounts owing on current filings.


Holding the following designations:

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

and much more our team members are ready to serve you today.

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