Types of Services:

Given the fact that we are a holistic business transformation consultancy with a team that has solid experience across a multitude of functions and industries, we are able to offer a range of services that will benefit various types of companies:

1. Full Transformation Projects
2. Improvement Projects
3. Production Optimization Projects

4. ERP Implementation
5. Large Enterprise Setup
6. Training workshops
7. Value Stream Analysis
8. Corporate Finance
9. Fiscal Management and (VAT)

10. Full restructuring (Tear Down & Rebuild)

Main Industries:

1. Oil & Gas
2. Mining & Exploration

3. Manufacturing & Hightech
4. Project Management
5. Facilities Management
6. Construction
7. Aeronautics
8. Health
9. Finance
10. Government
11. Defense

12. Emergency & Crisis management

Training Services:

We offer a variety of innovative and practical training with a key focus on continuous learning. Our unique approach will ensure that all types of companies and employees are able to understand and immediately implement the latest scientific management tools.

Our main training modules are:

1. Systemic Sales & Marketing
2. Influencing & Conflict Resolution
3. Introduction to Statistical Controls
4. Introduction to Synchronization
5. Introduction to Replenishment
6. Managing Your Organization as a System
7. Manage Your Constraint

8. Change Management
9. Rapid Improvement Workshops
10. Lean Six Sigma
11. Introduction to Lean
12. Champion Training
13. Six Sigma Belt Training
14. Lean Expert Training

Why we are unique:

We are the first and only consultant company in the Middle East region that is offering the hybrid of effective scientific management tools:

1. CGR SystemsTM

2. Theory of Constraints (TOC)

3. Lean & Six Sigma

4. Demings' Theory of Profound Knowledge (TPK)



A sample of our IT work capabilities: