Industry Testimonials


"We wish to congratulate you on your excellent performance and dedication on the L-3 ERP Implementation project. Your effort and dedication is noticed and is appreciated by our company. As such, we are sincerely thankful and happy to recognize you for all your hard work ... and outstanding achievement." President L-3 MAPPS, P.Dawson



"In recognition of CGR Group and Gerard Char for the hard work & dedication in successfully implementing management controls in the SOX Project for the firm, we are a US$16 Billion revenue business and the effort Gerard took in leading a very high profile project for L-3 MAPPS in the eyes of Corporate was thoroughly scrutinized. His pursuit for excellence had paved the way for an impeccable audit conducted by the Corporate Internal Audit team and by PWC." VP IT and Risk Management Dave Garner





"During this year, we defined, staffed, scheduled and executed almost all tasks necessary to "Transform our company for unprecedented, sustained growth." Significant changes have been made with your efforts, participation and patience. Together we designed and staffed a new systemic organization. We have defined the operational processes with clearly aligned objectives and the appropriate statistical measures necessary to monitor all relevant variation. We have entered into new agreements with our key suppliers and established larger, faster and more reliable operating relationships. We are now implementing throughput-based measures that monitor daily the speed that our system generates cash. I sincerely appreciate your efforts, patience and dedication that have positively contributed to our transformation. CEO Novamerican Steel C.D.Gasperis




"They showed Seattle boat manufacturer Kvichak Marine how to quadruple output of oil skimmers, allowing it to deliver twice its target in half the time planned. The consultants advised Illinois‐based Elastec on .... how to ramp up production from 4 skimmers a week to 26."Pacific Northwest Magazine news Agency




"A well‐designed, adaptive system enables an organization to change a process or product without requiring an intensive six‐month project." VP of global strategy and alliances for Oracle Insurance, C.Johnston




"Your work with us ... has resulted in a significant increase in reserves We have improved our daily drill from a daily average of 189 holes to a daily average of 237 holes in the past 3 months ... more over we have increased production utilizing DBR thus increasing production by 21%. This is "found" capacity that we were previously turning away. We were surprised that this capacity was achieved without any change to the crewing levels nor any additional capital." VP Finance Alberta Sands, J.Sanders




"For the first time we have a complete road map, Gerard Char's brilliance, wide ranging experience, and passion for experimenting with change models has produced a comprehensive integrated framework with Theory that is pragmatic, analytical, and solves the mysteries of human behavior in adapting to change."GM L-3 GMBH, D.Bradley




"When the training was completed, the new system focusing on the constraint was implemented. The results were dramatic and virtually immediate. In a matter of weeks production improved 47% and net profits increased by 211%." CGR-CPEL Training Toronto