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The 21st century, with all its technological advances, has truly changed the way companies conduct their businesses. In order to compete, organizations must not only keep up with market variations, but also be true ... innovators In order to achieve their business objectives, companies must now seek, retain, and develop the best talent. Without such a wealth of human capital, even the most successful organizations have lost market share, or even declared bankruptcy altogether.

The knowledge economy dictates a continuous learning process, which will ensure that employees are able to adapt quickly to the new challenges that arise on an almost daily basis.
The explosion of online, social and mobile technologies has resulted in a 24/7 worldwide workplace, with the average adult now expected to have between five and ten jobs during their lifespan.

Continuous training is so vital that both the private and the public sectors are investing in the growth and development of their talents. Why should companies invest more in our management training?

Here are 10 simple reasons:

1) An employee's relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement. If the manager knows how to properly evaluate this using statistical sample testing of performance rather by other non substantive evidence, then the company will benefit.

2) Engaged employees are happier and more productive. Disengaged employees are frustrated and more disruptive.

3) Because there's no widely agreed-on skillset for management (good managers come in all shapes and sizes), the issue is not how each manager is successful but how they can use a common set of tools aligning them while ensuring clear management principles and common tools of engagement.

4) The basics of sound management - clear objective setting, structured performance evaluation systems, honest and open feedback and communication, etc. - it may be messy. In fact, there's an easier yet more powerful way to achieve effective management. Our Toolbox will achieve this by setting internal process controls to monitor process control points you can easily gage how well an employee is doing.

5) Your young managers of today will become your leaders of tomorrow. If you don't build your key leaders your Management will always drag behind.

6) Management is often uneven throughout an organization. You have your outstanding ones, your okay ones, and your downright incompetent ones who can do a lot of damage. In this biz, as in so many, consistency is a good thing. Our tools are consistent, easy and will align everyone to the organizational goal.

7) Continuos learning enables your company to adopt the latest technology and tool.

8) Respected well-trained managers boost morale, and improved morale boosts retention. It's expensive and time consuming to hire and fire, thus retention is always the best choice.

9) Litigation protection. To amplify on point 8, it's even more wickedly expensive to deal with employee lawsuits... plus the resulting bad PR.

10) In todays world economies, certain governments have even implemented laws and taxes to force companies to train. i.e in Quebec Canada an equivalent 1% of the overall company salary should be spent on continuous training in the company for each employee. If a company breaches this law, it will pay it with a 25% penalty in taxes.

The 1% Law

"The Act to foster the development of manpower training was replaced on June 8, 2007, by the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, also known as the Workplace Skills Act (Loi sur les compétences) or the 1% Law (Loi du 1%)."

For example: lets say you are witnessing the Student Syndrome in your company in certain projects or processes.

Milestone is the end of a stage that marks the completion of a work package or phase, typically marked by a high level event such as completion, endorsement or signing of a deliverable, document or a high level review meeting.

What are you doing to minimize the student syndrome? Do you continuously monitor all your staff to spot this? We have a specific method to mitigate this risk without having managers and supervisors continuously monitoring.

This will elevate your business and you will be able to be more competitive. We have similar solutions for all the main organizational issues in the organization. We offer a full turnkey set of solutions for your organization and they will all be easy & fast to implement, yet they will profoundly impact your organization. It will be a paradigm shift for you.

Keeping up with Changes

At CGR MENA, we believe that continuous, innovative, and effective training is not only beneficial but vital to the growth of GCC and MENA companies. Our training modules are therefore focused on teaching unique hybrid scientific management tools that will empower all types of employees, from the CEO to the middle manager to excel in their work, which will in turn help the company realize its vision. Training plays a vital role in increasing knowledge and improving skills, whilst also creating a more empowered workforce - employees who care about their work, career progression, colleagues and customers.

These are the main reasons why we are your best choice:

1. Latest scientific management tools; proven and applied principles

2. Elevated & Profound Knowledge

3. Paradigm shift

4. Clear information with origin, logical proof and application to real world

5. Engaging experience with case studies and workshops

6. Best in class expert trainers with highly motivational energy

7. We love to explain our turnkey solutions and tools, it is a driving force behind what we do

We are certain that whatever your specific requirements are, the innovative Training modules below will empower your employees while enabling growth for your company:


Change Management

Systemic Sales & Marketing

Influencing & Conflict Resolution

Introduction to Statistical Controls

Introduction to Synchronization

Introduction to Replenishment

Managing Your Organization as a System

Manage Your Constraint

Rapid Improvement Workshops

Lean Six Sigma

Introduction to Lean

Champion Training

Six Sigma Belt Training

Lean Expert Training


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